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Established in 2010, Jebco International stands as a dynamic and rapidly growing entity within the business landscape of Bangladesh. The transformative expansion in 2021 marked a significant milestone, symbolizing a strategic repositioning that not only emphasizes our commitment to embracing diverse operations but also signifies a pivotal rebirth for our organization.

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We aim to be a catalyst for positive change.

Years of Experience

Jebco International enters a new phase of growth, our vision is to act as a catalyst for positive change and innovation

Directly involving ourselves in critical sectors such as health and disaster management, we aim to make a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

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Years of Experience

Key Success Factors

Key Success Factors at
Jebco International

Dynamic Workforce & Unwavering Commitment

The synergy of a dynamic workforce and unwavering commitment is the backbone of Jebco’s success. Our qualified professionals, coupled with dedication, excel in supplying goods, services, and quality work globally.

Cutting-edge Technology Integration

Success stems from seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, empowering our operations for efficiency, innovation, and adherence to industry standards. Staying at the forefront enhances our ability to deliver superior solutions

Diverse & Experienced Board

Our board’s diversity and experience drive strategic decision-making and innovation. Varied backgrounds ensure a comprehensive perspective, contributing to the effectiveness of our business strategies.

Strategic Repositioning & Transformative Expansion

Jebco’s 2021 repositioning and transformative expansion from subcontracting to direct involvement in key sectors enhance market relevance and competitiveness, marking a pivotal evolution.

Focus on Key Sectors

Commitment to key sectors—Health, Disaster Management, and Diverse Arenas—is a strategic success factor. Concentrating efforts in these areas leverages expertise for lasting impact and positive change.

Mission-Aligned Initiatives

Success is driven by mission-aligned initiatives, focusing on advancing the health sector, effective disaster management, and exploring diverse business approaches to create value in critical areas.

Continuous Evolution & Innovation

Jebco’s commitment to continuous evolution and innovation ensures sustained success. Embracing change, fostering innovation, and staying responsive position us for future growth and challenges.

Collaborative Partnerships & Diversity Embrace

Success is facilitated by collaborative partnerships and diversity embrace. Fostering relationships and welcoming diverse perspectives contribute to the resilience and adaptability of our organization.

Sister Concern

United by a common vision and shared values, these diverse entities collectively expand our horizons and enhance our capabilities.