Company Overview

Established in 2010, Jebco International stands as a dynamic and rapidly growing entity within the business landscape of Bangladesh.

Years of Experience

The transformative expansion in 2021 marked a significant milestone

Symbolizing a strategic repositioning that not only emphasizes our commitment to embracing diverse operations but also signifies a pivotal rebirth for our organization

At the core of Jebco International lies a diverse and experienced board, representing a variety of backgrounds. The collective expertise of our board members, hailing from diverse industries and domains, contributes to the strategic decision-making and innovative approaches that define our company.

Historically operating on a subcontract basis, Jebco International has evolved with a transformative expansion in 2021, setting its sights on direct involvement in key sectors. This strategic shift positions Jebco as a more integral player in the industries it serves.

Jebco International has identified three primary focus areas aligning with its mission and values:

Health Sector:

With a commitment to improving healthcare services, Jebco seeks to play a crucial role in advancing the health sector. Our initiatives include innovative solutions, technology integration, and partnerships to enhance healthcare delivery and accessibility

Disaster Management:

Acknowledging the importance of effective disaster management in a region prone to various natural calamities, Jebco aims to contribute significantly through proactive planning, technology-driven solutions, and community engagement

Diverse Arenas:

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive and diversified approach to business, Jebco explores a wide range of industries and sectors to leverage its expertise and resources for the development and growth of various fields.

As Jebco International embarks on a new phase of growth, our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change and innovation. Directly involving ourselves in critical sectors such as health and disaster management, we aspire to make a lasting impact on the communities we serve. Committed to fostering partnerships, embracing diversity, and continually evolving, we look forward to creating a brighter and more resilient future for Bangladesh and beyond. Jebco International invites collaboration, welcomes challenges, and is poised to contribute to global health and well-being.

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