Why Jebco

Jebco International has rapidly evolved into a prominent player in Bangladesh’s business landscape

The strategic repositioning undertaken in 2021

Not only underscores our dedication to diverse operations but also represents a significant rejuvenation for our organization. Central to our success is the dynamic and experienced board, consisting of individuals with diverse backgrounds from various industries. This board plays a pivotal role in steering strategic decision-making and fostering innovative approaches, shaping the very essence of Jebco.

With a historical focus on subcontracting, Jebco strategically transitioned in 2021 to direct involvement in key sectors, establishing itself as an integral player. This strategic pivot is a testament to our commitment to actively engage and make a meaningful impact in the industries we serve. Aligned with our mission, Jebco International focuses.

on propelling the health sector forward through innovative solutions, technology integration, and strategic partnerships. Simultaneously, we actively contribute to disaster management and explore diverse industries, recognizing the importance of a comprehensive and diversified business approach.

As Jebco International embraces a new phase of growth, our vision is to act as a catalyst for positive change and innovation. By immersing ourselves directly in critical sectors like health and disaster management, our aim is to leave a lasting impact on the communities we serve. Committed to nurturing partnerships, embracing diversity, and constantly evolving, we are steadfast in our pursuit of a brighter and more resilient future for Bangladesh and beyond. Jebco International extends an invitation for collaboration, embraces challenges, and stands ready to contribute to global health and well being through the harmonious blend of a dynamic workforce, cutting-edge technology integration, and the leadership of our diverse board.


Jebco International, a leading supply-based entity in Bangladesh, specializes in various sectors, particularly the health sector, NGOs, government, and non-government organizations.Our notable presence extends to agro sectors through Jebco Fisheries and upcoming GoatCo. Active in local and international tenders, we serve as local agents for renowned entities.

Additionally, our marketing and PR wing manages events and advertisements. Established in 2010, Jebco underwent transformative expansion in 2021, strategically repositioning from subcontracting to direct involvement in key sectors like Health, Disaster Management, and Diverse Arenas. Committed to positive change, we leverage partnerships, diversity, and continuous evolution for a global impact on health and well-being.

Key success factors include a dynamic workforce, cutting-edge technology integration, a diverse board, strategic repositioning, sector-focused initiatives, and a commitment to continuous evolution.

Our collaborative partnerships and diversity embrace contribute to the resilience and adaptability of our organization. Jebco International welcomes collaboration with the World Health Organization, inviting a collective effort for global health advancement and a brighter, resilient future.


With a diverse portfolio spanning from private entities, NGOs, government, and agro sectors, Jebco International excels in client-centricity. From local to international tenders, we serve as trusted local agents. The transformative shift in 2021, from subcontracting to direct sector involvement, underscores our commitment to positive change.

Our success is driven by a dynamic workforce, cutting-edge technology, and a diverse board, ensuring strategic repositioning and sector-focused initiatives. At Jebco, collaboration is key; our client-centric approach, fortified by partnerships and adaptability, propels us towards a global impact on health and well-being. We eagerly extend an invitation to the World Health Organization, aligning efforts for a brighter, resilient future.