Ahmed Ehsan Kabir Shaan, the distinguished Managing Partner of Jebco International, is a seasoned professional with a diverse background and extensive experience in the realms of trading, logistics, apparels and business administration. He completed his education from Bangladesh and USA, adding to his academic tally he has a master’s degree in Policy and governance along with a north American MBA and presently in pursuit of a doctorate covering his thesis on electoral system of Bangladesh.

Mr. Shaan’s journey in the professional arena commenced during his university years when he actively engaged in Trading and Logistics Business. Later, he became associated with Rebco Trading, specializing in sweater production within the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) sector. His clientele included esteemed buyers such as JC Penny (USA), Alhokair (Saudi Arabia), K Mart (Australia), Ginza Fashion (Dubai), and MadelaCo (Malawi).

His trajectory in Sweater Trading began at Perfect Sweaters Limited, where he started as a management trainee. Ahmed Ehsan Kabir Shaan’s career showcases his involvement in diverse sectors and enterprises, reflecting his versatility and expertise. Holding pivotal roles such as CEO of Trade World Logistics and Services, Director at Multi Star Associates, Partner at Gotcha BD, Managing Partner at LaamCo International and JebCo Trading, and Director at Gold Fisheries, he has demonstrated astute leadership across various domains.

Furthermore, his commitment extends beyond business, as evidenced by his role as Vice President of the Bangladesh Fishing Industry Association. Ahmed Ehsan Kabir Shaan is not only a seasoned professional with a robust nexus connectivity in the trading world but also a philanthropist contributing significantly to the defense sector of Bangladesh. His multifaceted career trajectory and philanthropic endeavors make him an invaluable asset to Jebco International.