Mr. Debojit Saha, serving as the Chief Advisor of Jebco International, brings an unparalleled wealth of diverse experience and nexus connectivity to the organization. With a Master’s in Economics from East West University and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from IBA, University of Dhaka, Mr. Saha has established himself as a distinguished professional in the business and research domain.

As the Managing Partner of Kaizen CRS, a leading Market Research & Consultancy Firm, he has demonstrated his expertise in project design, project evaluation, research methodology development, and value chain assessment. Mr. Saha has been instrumental in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape, providing advisory services to renowned brands such as BCG, Google, Reckitt Benkiser, and Aarong. His contributions extend to development agencies like SNV Netherlands, GIZ, USAID, and EU-funded projects, where he has played a crucial role in innovating supply chain, marketing, financial, and product development services.

An advocate for sustainable development, Mr. Debojit Saha has extensive experience in working towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), addressing crucial issues such as poverty alleviation, waste management, renewable energy, and access to innovative financial solutions and education. His commitment to inclusivity is evident through his engagements with projects focused on women empowerment in renewable energy value chains. Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Mr. Saha has been a consultant for various high-profile projects, including the development of ICT policy for JICA and the initiation of impact investment for Oxfam, UK.

He has showcased his expertise in developing business models, conducting advanced business plan training workshops, and mentoring entrepreneurs for UNDP initiatives. With a rich portfolio that includes assignments across Bangladesh and Myanmar, Mr. Debojit Saha’s leadership as Chief Advisor at Jebco International is underpinned by his commitment to creating sustainable impacts, fostering innovation, and contributing to positive change in diverse sectors. His strategic insights, extensive network, and dedication to excellence make him an invaluable asset to the organization’s vision and mission