S M Al Mahmud introduced himself as a Bangladeshi Social Activist and Entrepreneur with over 15 years of dedicated efforts towards fostering social and economic sustainability in Bangladesh. He expressed that his vision revolves around creating a sustainable tomorrow, and he uniquely integrates his creative essence into his social endeavors. Through his lens, he provides a vivid insight into the lives of the underprivileged, compelling the audience to question the collective conscience about whether enough is being done for those who lack the means.

He shared that his journey encompasses the initiation of multiple successful ventures and organizations, showcasing not only commendable excellence but also effective leadership skills. One of his pioneering initiatives, Children’s Heaven, is a social welfare organization that focuses on underprivileged street children, offering them proper education and rehabilitation facilities. Mahmud mentioned that currently, Children’s Heaven impacts the lives of 30,000 children and 200 youths, instigating positive changes in their trajectories. Additionally, he takes pride in serving as the Founder President of the Youth Development Council of Bangladesh (Youth Welfare Organization) and the Diploma Engineering Student’s Association, holding executive roles in various other Social Organizations. Beyond his social initiatives, Mahmud explained that he leverages his skills to facilitate private and public sector organizations in developing solutions related to branding, visual communication materials, and creative norms.

As a brand analytics expert and filmmaker, he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at printAgraphy and serves as the Communication & Production Lead at Jaadu Communication. He mentioned that Jaadur Café, one of his social enterprises, directs its profits toward the welfare of underprivileged children. Complementing his social works and entrepreneurial ventures, Mahmud shared that he excels in effective communication skills, graphics designing, illustration, direction, cinematography, and leadership. His holistic approach aims to contribute meaningfully to society, and he continues to explore new avenues for positive impact and sustainable development