Mr. Syed Zakaria Hossain, Chief Consultant at Jebco International, is a Bangladeshi national born on June 6, 1994, with a fervent commitment to pursuing a dynamic career in the international transportation and trade sector. His career motto, “Jack of all trades and master of some,” reflects his diverse skill set and the pursuit of excellence in various domains.

With a key idea that the current era is characterized by globalization, Syed Zakaria Hossain aspires to contribute to international business growth while leveraging his expertise in International Business and Marketing for personal and organizational advancement. Syed Zakaria’s work experience encompasses roles that showcase his versatile capabilities. At Kings Shipping Corporation, he handled administrative tasks in freight forwarding, emphasizing client relationship maintenance and overall management.

His tenure at Sorex International involved business development, where he excelled in tender participation, preparation, and principal management, contributing to the company’s growth from inception. Outside the professional realm, Syed Zakaria is an active contributor to social causes and has served as an Executive Member of the Young Economist Forum at North South University. His involvement in The Marketing Club, Shangskritik Shoghoton, and Ethics Club further demonstrates his dedication to diverse interests. Additionally, he has showcased his talents in music, with expertise in composition, lyricism and studio work. His creative pursuits extend to having articles and poems published in local newspapers.

In terms of skills, Syed Zakaria is proficient in Microsoft Office and online software such as CPTU, showcasing his adaptability to technological tools. He has undergone professional training in Container Terminal Management System (CTMS) under Chittagong Port Authority, ASYCUDA++ system by Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association (BAFFA), and various other programs like NSU Yef Policy Dialogue. His familiarity with shipping agents’ operations is evidenced by completing the Shipping Agents Familiarization Course at the National Maritime Institute and training in Customs Clearance and Indenting. Syed Zakaria Hossain’s comprehensive expertise and commitment make him a valuable asset as Jebco International’s Chief Consultant